Tuesday, October 12, 2010

FrontPage create thumbnails and images with overlapping effects

1, image editor thumbnail

Thumbnail image refers to the original scaled image can be used as artwork preview, this time in the relatively slow speed of the network can quickly display images of the Overview map. When your page has a large picture, this may allow visitors to take a long time to download, then the thumbnail is useful. Forced to their site visitors to download the big picture, not as a thumbnail preview for visitors, and then choose whether to click it again to see the full version.

Create thumbnails is actually very simple steps as follows: In FrontPage 2000 select picture, then click the right mouse button, the pop-up menu, select "Picture Properties" (or simply pressing the shortcut keys "Alt + Enter"), transfer the image property dialog box, click one of the "appearance" tab. In the "Size" column, select "Specify size" and "maintain aspect ratio", according to their actual need to determine the width and height of photos you can.

Then click on the "General" tab, in the "alternative means" bar "low resolution" (ie thumbnail) box enter the location of the thumbnail in the "Text" box fill in the text, and then determine the hyperlink location, click "OK", complete.

There are more simple and save way too! In Page view mode, click the "image" in the "Picture" toolbar, click the third button - "Auto Thumbnail", FrontPage2000 will automatically create thumbnail images and hyperlinks to the original image, all You have no need to worry about!

Of course, before creating the thumbnail, you can create thumbnails of the first set up the properties. In other words, you can specify how FrontPage2000 you want to create image thumbnails. In the "Tools" menu, click "Web Options", then click "Auto Thumbnail" tab. In the "Settings" box, click the size you want to specify the options, and then in the "pixels" box, enter the pixel value. For example, you want the thumbnail image to 80 pixels wide, click the "width" and enter "80." Will automatically adjust the height of the thumbnail. Or, you in the "Settings" item in the drop-down menu, select "shortest side," then enter "80", then any of the thumbnail picture of the shortest side (either height or width) will be 80 pixels. You can also specify the thumbnail border, select "Border thickness" and then in the "pixels" box, enter the pixels of the border thickness value. If you also want to have a stronger visual graphics, choose the "marginal bump effect." If you also specify the border thickness, then the thumbnail will be the edge of the border it has a nice bump effect. Moreover, any changes made to the thumbnail property will not affect already created thumbnails.

But to remind you, "Automatic Thumbnail" in the following cases will not have effect:

1. If you choose to have smaller than the thumbnail image;

2. Picture on a hyperlink or hotspot settings;

3. The picture is animated, such as gif format

Second, the realization of effective image Reset

This special effect is very chic and very easy to achieve.

Concrete steps to achieve the following:

1. First draw a table, the size depending on your specific needs may be;

2. And then put the image into the table, the best animated transparent background gif format, so will be more lively;

3. Then right-click inside the table, in the pop-up menu, select "Table Properties" Table Properties Settings dialog box tune out, to which the "layout" in the "cell margin", "cell spacing" and "border" in the "thickness" of the parameters to "0";

4. Then "background" column "Use background image" of a hook, and then click on the right side of the "Browse" button, select your favorite images as background, you can make two images overlap.

My first choice here is a little girl sitting on a curved golden crescent on the relaxed swing ah swing of the gif animation, and then use Photoshop made a rare piece of the night on Long stars as the background, synthesized in the FrontPage 2000 post, how wonderful ah ... ...

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